All citizens should feel engaged, active, and empowered with governance, regardless of their individual, social, political, or tribal affiliations. The idea of “responsible, whole citizenship” is a unique holistic concept, designed to help citizens build a more just and fair nation by raising awareness of the crippling effects of apathy within nation-building aspirations, and presenting ideas on how to overcome it.

“Eventualities in Africa” is a collection of poems and quotations on social change and governance in Africa. “Eventualities in Africa” offers readers a contemporary and a nonpartisan look at Africa’s challenges. From the layman to the veteran politician, from the rising star to the skilled policy maker, many people believe that Africa as a continent is on the rise, a fact that signals progress and optimism.

Nonetheless, the Africa Rising phenomenon as we know it for Africans seems like a Utopian dream, filled with still-born promises and with little or no progress in nation-building. Written and compiled to be both authoritative and engaging, “Eventualities in Africa” provides readers with a simple yet provocative understanding of Africa’s main challenges. Written for all those with a voice in Africa’s future, I only hope this book serves its intended purpose.

The year of 1960 was named the “Year of Africa” for obvious reasons. The continent has just seen seventeen of its member states today gain their independence from foreign rule in a time when nationalistic sentiments were ripe. This work, a compendium of quotations on nation building from African leaders, statesmen, and pioneers, seeks to recollect and refresh the minds of young Africans and anyone interested in learning about the Africa’s prospects in the world order.

Having read the works of many of these individuals, I am convinced that I have sharpened my understanding of their visions and aspirations for the African continent. This book of quotations about nation building in Africa is intended to do the same for you. Enjoy!

Interview about my book publication, “Eventualities in Africa