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Political Grandstanding, Embittered Politician, or Irresponsible Citizenship? A Reaction to Former Defense Minister’s Inflammatory Comments Threatening Another War in Sierra Leone.

“Mr. Former defense minister, the national security of Sierra Leone and its citizens, is not at stake; it is the national ambitions and aspirations of certain political heads and their factions at stake”. I know you are aware of the suffering caused by the ten-year brutal civil war and its aftermath. I know you are […]

Who is the whole citizen?

Whole citizens are engaged, active, and objective when it comes to governance and participation in nation-building, regardless of their individual, social, political, or tribal affiliations. Citizens’ apathy or their lack of interest in governance presents a real challenge to our developmental aspirations. I am confident that by empowering a responsible, whole citizenry, we can nurture […]

Putting Country First in Sierra Leone

I want to begin by asking several questions. As a nation, what would we lose if we put Country First? What would we gain if we put Country First? From where I stand, we stand to lose nothing but gain everything when we seek the common good and put “Country First” in all our human […]